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What Are The Seven Steps In First Aid?

By taking a first aid course with Holmes Medical Training you will learn 7 simple first aid steps to help give initial care to a sick or injured casualty at an emergency scene.

1) Perform a Scene Survey

Ensure the emergency scene is safe to approach by looking for hazards and finding out the number of casualties and the mechanism of injury.

2) Call for help

If possible have a bystander call 911 grab a first aid kit and AED. This step can be done at any stage if hazards or life-threatening injuries are found.

3) Get Consent

By asking "My name is ...... can I help you? I know first aid"

4) Check Responsiveness

A responsive casualty will respond to speech and pain. For responsive casualty the first aider should find out what happened, where the casualty is hurt and if they have a medical history.

If the casualty is unresponsive the first aider should immediately call for help and continue with the primary survey.

5) Perform a Primary Survey

By checking the casualty ABC the first aid aider can determine what first aid to give and if needed perform CPR and apply an AED.

6) Perform a Secondary Survey

The first aider obtains the history of the casualty, assesses and records the vital signs, performs a head-to-toe examination, and records first aid and medication given.

7) Give Ongoing Casualty Care

Treat casualty for shock and monitor casualty's condition until medical help arrives.

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