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First Aid Recertification: Renewing Skills Saving Lives

By taking a first aid recertification course you will build confidence in your lifesaving first aid skills, allowing you to more effectively respond to a medical emergency. Below you find out why taking a recertification course with Holmes Medical Training and renewing your skills, knowledge, and training is beneficial.

Skills Retention

Over time, people may forget certain First Aid techniques or become less confident in their abilities. Recertification helps reinforce and refresh these skills.

Updated Guidelines

First Aid protocols and guidelines change as new research and best practices emerge. Recertification ensures you know the latest techniques and recommendations, enhancing the quality of care you can provide.


Knowing you have recently updated your skills can boost your confidence in responding to emergencies. Confidence is crucial when providing First Aid, as it can help you remain calm and act decisively in a crisis.

Legal Protection

In Ontario, you are legally required under the WSIB and Regulation 1101 to take a Standard First Aid CPR Level C with AED training course every 3 years. The Basic Life support course must be renewed annually under current regulations.

Employment Requirements

Many jobs, especially those in healthcare, education, and certain industries, require employees to have current First Aid certification.

Community and Family Safety

Taking a recertification course helps ensure that you can protect your loved ones and assist others in times of need.

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