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Comprehensive Corporate First Aid Training: Ensuring Safety at Work

All workers in Ontario have the right to work in a safe work environment and protect their health and safety through taking a first aid course. Taking a comprehensive corporate first aid training course with Holmes Medical Training is a crucial aspect of ensuring safety at work. Below you will find the benefits of taking a comprehensive first aid course.

Legally Compliant

Under regulation 1101 and the WSIB, your company is legally responsible for ensuring your employees work in a safe environment and that employee rights are protected by providing your staff Standard First Aid CPR level C and AED training.

Onsite Risk Assessment

Taking a corporate first aid course will allow your staff to identify potential workplace hazards and avoid risky behaviour, which can cause injuries and accidents in the workplace.

Certified Instructors

Our experienced instructors stay current with the most up to date first aid skills and techniques approved by the WSIB.

Customized Training

By holding our training at your site, we can customize our program to identify injuries and accidents that might happen in your industry, making our program more relevant to your employees.

In conclusion, taking our comprehensive corporate first aid course will equip your employees with the training, knowledge and skills necessary to respond quickly and effectively to medical and first aid emergencies. This in turn will reduce accidents and injuries at work and allow your staff to work in a safe environment.

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