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Holmes Medical Training Team

All of Holmes Medical Training’s instructors have over 10 years of first aid experience, and we have provided first aid training to over 5000 people. Holmes Medical Training prides itself as an equal opportunity employer and enforces eco-friendly practices of administration and records management.  Furthermore, Holmes Medical Training is approved as an organization to deliver first aid training in accordance with federal and provincial regulations. We are recognized by WSIB as a certified first aid training (SFA, EFA, CPR, AED) provider in Ontario. Our training materials and course content have been hand-reviewed by WSIB and are in full compliance. Finally, we are listed as a provider approved to deliver Emergency and Standard First Aid to employers under regulation 1101.

Lindsay Holmes.jpg

lindsay Holmes
- Owner, Instructor and 
    Program Developer


Lindsay was passionate about first aid throughout her childhood in Ottawa. After receiving her formal education and first aid instructor training, Lindsay traveled to British Columbia, where she worked as a safety officer in remote logging camps. She honed her first aid skills while conducting emergency patient transportation and helicopter evacuations from the remote site, where she was known for her expertise in performing first aid procedures in the field.

Lindsay turned her first-hand knowledge of first aid emergencies into an innovative educational approach, and created Holmes Medical Training as its vehicle. She has now successfully taught over 3000 students over 6 years as Holmes Medical Training’s Lead First Aid Instructor. Lindsay is known for her cheerful and energetic instructor style that creates enthusiasm in the classroom.

Lorne Cooper Bio Pic.jpg

Lorne Cooper
- Instructor, Trainer and         Military/Dive Expert


Lorne was born and raised in Dartmouth Nova Scotia where he attended St Mary’s University before he joined the Canadian Army where he served for over 35 years in a variety of operational theatres throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.  Currently, Lorne follows his passion of scuba diving as a Master Scuba Diver Trainer with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). After seeing a need for dive specific first aid instruction Lorne became an instructor with the Divers Alert Network, the leading global agency for dive medicine research and advice to medical practitioners anywhere in the world. Lorne brings knowledge of first aid and passion for safety to Holmes Medical Training 

Trevor Pic.png

Trevor Paine
- Instructor, Trainer and 
    Sports Specialist


Trevor Paine was born in Sussex England. After five years with the British forces as a physical training instructor, Trevor started his work as a recreational sports consultant for 35 years, and 10 years as a first aid instructor. Trevor has worked with high schools, Indigenous communities, and municipal governments supporting coaching, facility management, and first aid training. Trevor brings a depth of knowledge and instructor experience to Holmes Medical Training.


Kimberley Duncan   
- Instructor and Mental        Health Expert


Kimberley started taking first aid classes at eight years old while in cadets, and from there developed a passion for emergency training. She got her medical first responder at only sixteen, and began volunteering with St John's Ambulance helping those around her in her community. While in college, Kimberley studied addictions and mental health, achieving her diploma and going on to work with adults in some of the most challenging sectors. Kimberley is a valuable asset to the HMT team because of her strong work ethic and continuous training in mental health awareness and crisis intervention.

image0 (1).jpeg

Abby Cafferty
- Instructor and               
    Paramedic Trainee


Abby first became interested in first aid at age fourteen, when starting her training as a lifeguard. Throughout her years as a lifeguard, Abby received an array of certifications, such as: Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, National Lifeguard, airway management, emergency first aid with CPR-B, and Standard first aid with CPR-C. With the City of Ottawa, Abby also taught Red Cross Swim Kids lessons, Bronze medallion, and Emergency first aid with CPR-B. 

Abby quickly realized she had a passion for emergency services training and wanted to incorporate that passion into a long term career. Abby is currently training as a paramedic student at College La Cité, on her way to promising career. 

Abby's biligingualism in French and English, and her advanced first aid training, makes her a true asset to the Holmes Medical Training team.


Stephanie Lowther
- Instructor and Human
     Physiology Expert   


Stephanie is a Certified Athletic Therapist and First Responder. She returned to Ottawa to complete her Master of Science Human Kinetics degree at the University of Ottawa. Stephanie has worked with multiple kinds of sports as a First Responder for sports injuries throughout her career. Combining her passion for teaching with injury care led her to become a first aid instructor. Stephanie's quick emergency thinking and extensive training makes her a valuable member of the Holmes Medical Training team and an asset in any classroom.


Joshua Soba
- Instructor and 
    Trained Physician


Joshua is a committed and dedicated professional and Medical Doctor with a proven ability to teach, motivate and direct participants to their best performance by encouraging a positive and energetic environment. Joshua is passionate about teaching and making positive impacts by teaching people to save lives. Joshua loves teaching and always creates an ambiance of learning by demonstrating practical skills and in-depth knowledge. His seven years of experience teaching first aid and his Medical school background makes Joshua a truly valued member of the Holmes Medical Training team. 


Michael Holmes
- Course Manager and 
    Office Administration


Michael is a proud member of the Holmes Medical Training team, making sure the needs of both employees and clients come first. He trained and worked for many years in the forestry industry, finishing as the supervisor for remote camp operations. His experiences in operations management and emergency medical care have made him the perfect fit for his newest role. Clients can feel confident when dealing with Michael that he will be both professional and accommodating of their needs.  Contact Michael anytime at 613.602.2208

Holmes Medical Training is designated by the WSIB as a bilingual service provider for the Ottawa area, and offers its clients first aid courses and supporting materials in both Official Languages. Simply let us know when you book your course if you would like it to be conducted in French or English, and instructors will provide training and all materials in your language of choice.

Course Locations

Ottawa West:

Best Western Plus Hotel
1876 Robertson Road
Ottawa, Ontario

92 Aero Drive (home office)

Ottawa, ON, K2H 5E4

About Holmes Medical Training 

Holmes Medical Training is approved as an organization to deliver first aid training in accordance with federal and provincial regulations. We are recognized by WSIB as a certified first aid training (SFA, EFA, CPR, AED) provider in Ontario


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