We believe in people helping people

When a medical emergency happens, the individual that you will most likely come across will be a family member, a friend, or a coworker. With the right set of skills, you can save their life.

Our instructors have actually saved the lives of others using the same techniques as you will learn in your course. You can rest assured that you will learn the right skills with Holmes Medical Training, but also at a price point of 20% less than competitors*.

*Based on 3rd party market survey in the Ottawa area.

Take a look below at our most popular courses:

Expert Instructors with In-The-Field Training

How do you know you’re in the right hands with Holmes Medical Training’s instructors? All of Holmes Medical Training’s instructors have worked as international medical doctors or first aid responders. This means that each of our instructors has not only completed Holmes Medical Training’s rigorous trainer certification, they have saved the lives of others using the same techniques as our students learn in their courses.

Established and Approved Organization

All of Holmes Medical Training’s instructors have over 10 years of first aid experience, and we have provided first aid training to over 2800 people. Holmes Medical Training prides itself as an equal opportunity employer, and enforces eco-friendly practices of administration and records management.  Furthermore, Holmes Medical Training is approved as an organization to deliver first aid training in accordance with federal and provincial regulations. We are recognized by WSIB as a certified first aid training (SFA, EFA, CPR, AED) provider in Ontario. Our training materials and course content have been hand-reviewed by WSIB and is in full compliance. Finally, we are listed as a provider approved to deliver emergency and standard First Aid to employers under regulation 1101.

Bilingual First Aid Courses and Materials

Holmes Medical Training is designated by WSIB as a bilingual service provider for the Ottawa area, and offers its clients first aid courses and supporting materials in both Official Languages. Simply let us know when you book your course if you would like it to be conducted in French or English, and instructors will provide training and all materials in your language of choice.

“Our team not only received the proper certification we were looking fo

r, we actually had fun at the same time! We loved how you came to us at our Ottawa office, instead of us having to book off extra time and costs for transportation. I sure didn’t mind the hundreds of dollars in savings either!”

— Jennifer Van De Vooren (Founder, Van De Vooren Inc.)